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               you want to sweat?                                             you want relaxation?                                          you want the next level?






30 days for $30


introductory offer for all new customers


ease yourself into a new yoga practice with this great offer


Year Unlimited


only $899



for a limited time



30 Class $285


only $9 per class



no expiration!


The Top 10 Reasons You'll Love Body Temp!

  1. Bamboo flooring.  No carpet = No funky smell!
  2. Friendly and encouraging teachers.  No reprimands or humiliation and no judgement.  We don't yell.  We don't force.
  3. Variety.  We offer several different styles of yoga.  Restorative, Hot Power, and the "26+2" Sequence (and we have 3 different approaches for the hot yoga 26+2:  straightforward, candlelight, and silent class)
  4. We offer the ONLY Hot Power Yoga in the city!
  5. Our Auto-Pay Unlimited of $80 per month is the lowest rate in the city!  Less than the price of a 5 class card ANYWHERE!
  6. We think yoga should be fun!
  7. We care about your progression in class.  We give individual and group guidance.
  8. Best community of yogi's anywhere on the planet.  Everyone is cheerful and inclusive.
  9. We are VERY open to suggestions.
  10. No Gurus.  No Egos.  No Lectures.  Only Yoga.


Body Temp Yoga is THE premier Hot Yoga Studio located in the Marina District of San Francisco in the space formerly occupied by Global Yoga.